Friday, December 03, 2004

Web Content Team

Dave King from Dave's Blog wrote me today and asked for some info on Johnson County Library's Web Content Team. What follows is right from the 2002 Creating Johnson County Library's Digital Community Information Clearinghouse: a Strategic Plan (you'll be happy to know that upon hiring Erica Reynolds, we changed the name to JoCoConnect). I'll post a link later that will take you to the full document, should anyone want it ...

Section 5.3.1 (p27)

"The library will centralize content creation and Web entity development into a single focused work team. The library has attempted to answer its Web development and maintenance needs using several different methods. From outsourcing the entire site to a vendor, to involving as many as 30 people across six departments, the library continues to seek a model which is responsive and sustainable. Outsourcing left the library unable to quickly respond to information need changes, while the inclusive approach involving nearly 10% of the library’s entire staff led to bureaucracy, inconsistency, mediocrity, and lack of proper content management or control. A team of five Web Content Developers supervised by a Web Content Manager will be utilized to provide adequate planning, scheduling, publishing, and regular content changes and maintenance for all library pages. With administrative oversight and assistance for the Web Content Manager, the Web Content Developers will also be responsible for creating and developing content partnerships (page and content development for one or two Web entities. Two database entry clerks will be used to support the developers by performing database entry and content layouts. The Web development team will report to the LIT department, and will be required to participate and successfully complete an intensive orientation program to teach them about the library in general, and specifically about the subject areas in which they will be developing content ..."

" ... The shift to content-rich Web entities will require some staffing changes from traditional library work to project management and facilitation, with an emphasis on Web page content development and design. In addition to those mentioned above, existing staff will be needed to provide clerical, technical, indexing or cataloging support, training, and marketing."

I've gotta run, but will add more tomorrow ... thanks for the interest!


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