Sunday, December 25, 2005

"Something about Humanity" from Kevin Harris

Wow ... that’s all I can say ... Kevin Harris posted yesterday on his Neighbourhoods blog, which if you hadn’t guessed, is a site devoted to “neighbourhood relations and social capital” based out of the UK ...

Using BBC 3’s Bach Christmas series as a backdrop, Kevin talks about how things with deep meanings to people often can carry an equally deep, and sometimes opposite meaning for others. That’s pretty poorly put, so I’ll let him say it:

“thoughts about things global and local, universal and private - how Bach could
represent such diversity to so many, how he could unite people in peaceful awe,
how he represents a stable co-existence - the notion of the civil - with the
possibility of radical expression and mystical vision.”

Beautiful, Mr. Harris ... beautiful!


Blogger Chris said...

Not nearly as deep, but might be interesting to you is this site -

This guy used to be at Penn - maybe now at USC-Annenberg? I forget. I would love it if he woudl publish some stats as I would love to see who is actually online at this community site - is it all affluent commmunities or is this serving any type of binding function / social capital aspect in communites of less affluence?

2:51 AM  

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