Saturday, March 05, 2005

Painting the invisible

Nancy White posted a piece on/by the artist Dawn Meson today ... gave me chills ...

"My work is an attempt to paint the invisible ... Using color,
translucency, textures and shape as symbols, I hint at the rich complexity and
mystery in the subatomic realm."

There is something beautiful about merging art and science ... math and music ... it's like Hesse's The Glass Bead Game ... Of course, Hesse wrote really long books, so you can find a beautifully written analysis in the introduction of D.D. Nolte's Mind at Light Speed (ISBN:0743205014) ... like I said ... chills!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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It also has lots of information.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My work is an attempt to paint the invisible"

How does she know if she ever paints anything then? Or maybe she has already painted something, and we would never know it because it is "invisible", right? Pretentious, no?

10:09 AM  

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