Sunday, May 21, 2006

Age of the Spiritual Library ( ... Library 5.0 ...)

I was looking over Ray Kurzweil's Age of the Spiritual Machines again today ... right at the end of the prologue (have I mentioned that introductions/forwards/prologues are my favorite part of almost every book?), he talks about being able to scan or download our entire consciousness to a machine ...

That got me thinking ... what would the library look like in an age where this type of activity is possible and even common place ... would the Library 5.0 cease to be a collection of books, dvds, even electronic media as we understand it today? .... Would it be a collection of scanned consciousnesses, where we not only have access to the authors' published works, but have - in fact - access to everything he/she ever thought, experienced, said, wondered, and beyond ...

Wow, now THAT would be a library ... of course the digital rights management would be a real bug-a-boo, not to mention a search mechanism that could parse emotions, experiences, and thoughts ... hmmm ... wonder if Google's already working on it?

Hope I'm around for Library 5.0 ...


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