Tuesday, February 12, 2008


There's this line in Miller's Crossing that goes something like this ...

"Runnin' things ... it ain't all gravy!"

I used to write my blog as a vent ... a way of blowing off steam about what I thought should change in the organization in which I worked ... and then I changed jobs.

Now, I'm responsible for an organization ... and things have sort of shifted ... I can't just whine about how "those so-and-sos at the top need to change things" ... I'm the so-and-so, and I'm who my colleagues write about to blow off steam!

And so my blog has changed ... evolved ... it's now about the things we tried ... how they succeeded and failed, and what we learned from them. Hmmm ... I guess that's the equivalent of a blog in big-boy-pants ...

Maybe the quote should have been:

"Runnin' things ... it ain't about the gravy ... it's about how you spoon it on ..."


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